The Four Estates

Bonvin 1858, Orsat Cellars, Imesch Cellars and Rouvinez Cellars

1858, 1874, 1898, and 1947: Four dates symbolizing the essential steps in the history of vineyards and wine in the Valais.
The dates of the foundations of the Bonvin 1958, Orsat Cellars, Imesch Cellars and Rouvinez Estates.

United under the Rouvinez family banner, these grand estates continue to write history and demonstrate the best of the Valais region.
Each one according to its character whilst respecting its heritage.

Bonvin - Les Domaines 1858
Rouvinez - Sierre
Imesch - Vins Sierre
Caves Orsat

Exceptional Vineyards

The grape varietal is the first name and the soil is the family name

The Rouvinez family own and cultivate over 110 hectares situated on the nicest terraces in the Valais. 15 of these are organic.
It is thus the largest owner of vineyards in the Valais.

These vineyards are maintained with meticulous care, each one chosen for the harmony that exists between the vines and the soil.
As there is no great wine without great soil.

A United Family

Wine as heritage

Guardian of the spirit of the values of the great dynasties which founded the Bonvin, Imesch and Orsat estates, the Rouvinez family perpetuates their ancestral know-how.

They incorporate the strength of innovation and the permanent quest for perfection, responsible for the reputation of their own wines and vineyards.

Our Strong Commitments

The Respect of Man and Nature

From the vine to the wine, the Rouvinez family has established itself as a forerunner in the strictest standards for winegrowing and winemaking.
Behind the labels, a true engagement at every level, not only encompassing the respect of the soil, but equally of mankind.
Without compromise.

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